BIOHM Gut Test Kit for Gut Health and Digestive Health

BIOHM Gut Test Kit for Gut Health and Digestive Health

BIOHM Gut Test Kit for Gut Health and Digestive Health

Test your gut health and receive actionable recommendations from the comfort of your own home with BIOHM鈥檚 Gut Test kit. After collecting and submitting your sample, you鈥檒l receive your test results in an easy-to-read, comprehensive report that includes a gut score, bacteria and fungi analysis as well as recommendations for a healthy gut from Microbiome-trained Registered Dietitians. Find out how your gut health compares to normal ranges and learn about specific lifestyle, dietary and supplemental changes you can make to help optimize your digestive health. For a gut health test with results you can use, add BIOHM鈥檚 Gut Test kit to your cart today!

Your At-home Gut Health Test

Find out how to support your digestive health from home with BIOHM鈥檚 at-home gut test kit. Once you purchase and receive your kit, just collect and submit your sample to receive your personalized gut health report, it鈥檚 that easy.

Comprehensive Gut Report

BIOHM鈥檚 Gut Test kit provides a comprehensive report based on your sample and the completed lifestyle survey. Your gut health report includes a gut score, comparisons of your bacterial, and fungal levels to normal levels as well as a summary of recommendations for improving your gut health.

Easy-to-read Results

With so many bacteria and fungi to analyze, reviewing a comprehensive gut report can be overwhelming. BIOHM鈥檚 Gut Report uses an easy to read legend, so that you can visualize your gut make-up as compared to normal make-ups.

Actionable Recommendations

In addition to receiving the results of your BIOHM Gut Test, your gut report will also include actionable recommendations from Registered Dietitians. Learn about lifestyle and dietary changes you can make to optimize your digestive health.

Get Your Gut Score

Find out how your digestive health measures up with BIOHM鈥檚 gut scoring system that grades your gut microbiome diversity on a scale of 1-10. Then, use the recommendations for improving your overall gut health to improve your gut score.