BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders – Buy 5 Packs of 50/Pack, Get 1 Pack Free (300 Threaders Total)

BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders – Buy 5 Packs of 50/Pack, Get 1 Pack Free (300 Threaders Total)

BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders – Buy 5 Packs of 50/Pack, Get 1 Pack Free (300 Threaders Total)

Are you struggling to floss under bridges and braces? Look no further! BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders are here to make your oral hygiene routine a breeze. With our special offer, you can buy 5 packs of 50/pack and get 1 pack free, giving you a total of 300 threaders. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional flossing and hello to a cleaner, healthier smile.

Easy to Use and Gentle to Gums

Our dental floss threaders are designed to be easy to thread and gentle to gums. The precision molded threaders effortlessly guide floss under bridges and braces, ensuring a thorough clean. No more struggling with floss that gets stuck or hurts your gums. With BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders, you can floss with confidence and comfort.

Endorsed by Oral Hygienists Worldwide

Don’t just take our word for it – our dental floss threaders are endorsed by oral hygienists worldwide. These professionals understand the importance of proper oral care and recommend our threaders to their patients. With their seal of approval, you can trust that BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders are the best choice for your dental hygiene needs.

Precision Molded with Collapsible Eye

Our threaders are precision molded to ensure durability and effectiveness. The collapsible eye allows for easy threading of floss, making the process quick and efficient. No more struggling to get the floss through tight spaces – our threaders make it a breeze. Experience the difference of a high-quality dental floss threader with BridgeAid.

Manufacturer: Flossaid Corp
Item Trademark: BRIDGEAID
Item Category: Dental Floss

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders?

To use BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders, simply thread the floss through the collapsible eye of the threader. Then, guide the threader under the bridge or brace and pull the floss through. Repeat for each tooth, ensuring a thorough clean.

2. Can I reuse the threaders?

No, we recommend using a new threader for each flossing session. This ensures optimal hygiene and effectiveness.

3. Are BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders suitable for everyone?

Yes, our threaders are suitable for anyone with bridges or braces. They are designed to be gentle to gums and easy to use, making them a great choice for all individuals.


BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders are the perfect solution for guiding floss under bridges and braces. With our special offer of buying 5 packs of 50/pack and getting 1 pack free, you’ll have a total of 300 threaders to keep your smile clean and healthy. Endorsed by oral hygienists worldwide, our threaders are easy to use, gentle to gums, and precision molded for optimal effectiveness. Don’t let traditional flossing be a hassle – switch to BridgeAid Dental Floss Threaders today!