Feelyou Ikat Fabric by The Yard

Feelyou Ikat Fabric by The Yard

Feelyou Ikat Fabric by The Yard


Feelyou Ikat Fabric by The Yard is a unique and versatile upholstery fabric that will add a touch of exotic beauty to your home. With its abstract ethnic theme and geometric rhombus lines, this fabric is perfect for chairs and various DIY projects. Its waterproof feature ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Main Features

Abstract Exotic Ethnic Theme

The Feelyou Ikat Fabric showcases an abstract design inspired by traditional ethnic patterns. The vibrant colors and intricate details create a visually stunning fabric that will instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Geometric Rhombus Lines

The fabric features geometric rhombus lines that add a modern touch to the overall design. This combination of traditional and contemporary elements makes it a versatile choice for various interior styles.

Waterproof and Durable

Constructed with high-quality materials, this fabric is waterproof and resistant to stains, making it ideal for upholstery projects. It can withstand everyday use and is easy to clean, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its vibrant appearance.


1. Can I use this fabric for outdoor furniture?

Yes, the Feelyou Ikat Fabric is waterproof and can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

2. How much fabric is included in a yard?

Each purchase includes 3 yards of fabric.

3. Is this fabric suitable for DIY projects?

Absolutely! The Feelyou Ikat Fabric is perfect for various DIY projects, such as cushion covers, curtains, and table runners.


Transform your chairs and home with the Feelyou Ikat Fabric by The Yard. Its abstract exotic ethnic theme, geometric rhombus lines, and waterproof feature make it a unique and practical choice for upholstery projects. Get creative and add a touch of beauty to your living space with this decorative fabric.