Musykrafties Jungle Animals Fondant Silicone Moulds: Perfect for Cake Decoration and Crafts

Musykrafties Jungle Animals Fondant Silicone Moulds: Perfect for Cake Decoration and Crafts


Are you looking for a fun and creative way to decorate your cakes or engage in craft projects? Look no further than the Musykrafties Jungle Animals Fondant Silicone Moulds. With this set of 6 moulds, you can create adorable fondant cake decorations, cupcake toppers, soap embossments, resin jewelry, and more. Let your imagination run wild with these versatile moulds.

Product Description

The Musykrafties Jungle Animals Fondant Silicone Moulds come in a set of 6, featuring various shapes of safari and zoo animals. The moulds include an elephant, giraffe, monkey, lion, hippopotamus, and zebra. Each mould has a height ranging from 2.6 to 3.6 inches, making them perfect for cake decoration and other crafts.

Versatile Usage

These moulds are ideal for a wide range of occasions and themes. Whether you’re planning a kid’s 1st birthday party, a baby shower, a wedding, or a baptism, these moulds will add a touch of charm to your cake decorations. They are also perfect for wildlife Africa or forest adventure-themed parties.

For Cake Decoration

The Musykrafties Jungle Animals Fondant Silicone Moulds can be used with various cake decorating materials such as gum paste, jelly, marzipan, fondant, sugarpaste, melted candy, chocolate, and even ice. Create stunning cake toppers that will impress your guests and make your desserts stand out.

For Crafts and Hobbies

These moulds are not limited to cake decoration. They are also great for various craft projects. Use them with modeling clay, resin, concrete, cement, plaster, soap, candles, wax, and more. Let your creativity flow and explore different mediums to create unique and personalized crafts.

Food Grade and Easy to Use

The Musykrafties Jungle Animals Fondant Silicone Moulds are made from food-grade silicone, ensuring safety when used with food items. However, it is recommended to use food and non-food materials separately. Before using the moulds, wash and boil them, especially if you plan to use them with food. The moulds are very flexible and easy to clean, making them convenient for repeated use. They are also safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator, withstanding temperatures between -40 to 220 degrees Celsius (-40 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these moulds be used with polymer clay?

Yes, these moulds are perfect for polymer clay projects. Whether you’re creating jewelry, keychain charms, or other clay crafts, these moulds will help you achieve intricate and detailed designs.

2. Are these moulds suitable for children?

While these moulds are safe to use, adult supervision is recommended, especially when using them with hot materials or sharp tools. Keep them out of reach of young children to prevent any accidents.

3. Can I use these moulds with melted chocolate?

Absolutely! These moulds are perfect for creating chocolate shapes and accents. Simply melt your chocolate, pour it into the moulds, and let it set. You’ll have delicious and visually appealing chocolate decorations in no time.


The Musykrafties Jungle Animals Fondant Silicone Moulds are a must-have for anyone interested in cake decoration or crafts. With their versatility and ease of use, you can create stunning and unique designs for various occasions. Let your creativity soar with these adorable jungle animal moulds and impress your friends, family, and guests with your artistic creations.