The 2022 CELLO2 has updated the microphone button, which is smoother and more convenient to use; at the same time, the adapter has been updated to make it safer to use; SD card songs updated to January 2022.


SD Card Slot

High-speed micro SD card provides fast and seamless song loading and BGV playback.

Digital Video Output

See crisp and clear pictures through the digital video output for more immersed viewing pleasure.

23k+ Songs

Friends and families will truly enjoy our extensive library of licensed OPM and English songs. We made sure that our song collection incorporates Classics Standards Ballads and New songs. Users would never ask for more.

HDMI Output

One midi karaoke mode. No audio output from HDMI. (karaoke mode. Audio output is digital signal. Mic input is Analog signal; if digital and analog signal mixed, the mic sound will be delayed, so the HDMI has no digital audio signal output in karaoke mode)

New Song Updates Guaranteed

Enjoy the latest and up-to-date songs available regularly. Never miss out on new and upcoming hits.


  • 2 wireless microphones
  • Base console
  • Remote

Additional Features

  • Search songs while singing by Title, Artist, and Lyrics
  • HDTV support
  • Extra microphone port
  • USB flash drive support
  • Micro SD card support
  • Multi-language compatible
  • Customizable background display, melody, tone, echo, tempo, and other karaoke functions
  • Score system to watch your score rise as you sing your favorite song


The Platinum Cello V2 Karaoke is the ultimate karaoke machine that offers a seamless and enjoyable singing experience. With its extensive song collection, updated features, and easy-to-use interface, it is perfect for parties, gatherings, weddings, and indoor/outdoor events. The Platinum Cello V2 Karaoke guarantees high-quality performance and reliability. Get ready to sing your heart out with this amazing product!